Komposztból mentett:DIY Almahéj ecet recept- muslicák ellen és még finom is

It’s always good to have a little extra space in your compost bin:) Right?

AND if you can use it against mushrooms, even better and “kill two birds with one stone!”

We’d like to present in a follow-up series of posts some indoor compostable decomposable kitchen waste that you can turn into something useful and/or edible and save from the compost and/or your trash can.

#1: Save apple peels and apple cores!

Apple peels and apple cores can be used to make apple cider vinegar, which is very useful in our kitchen.

– It can be our salad vinaigrette base,

– Diluted with water and honey, it can be a cooling detoxifying breakfast drink.

– can be used after washing your hair to leave it soft, frizz-free and shiny

– AND my favorite: using apple peel vinegar to make MUSLIC ELLENI baits

You can find all the tips/tricks I’ve used to control mushrooms in this post, where you’ll find my way of making mushroom bait that has worked in my kitchen.

In Dóri Kocsis’ Zerowaste Kitchen book, you’ll find the secrets of apple cider vinegar making and many more exciting kitchen waste-saving recipes. And Dóri’s wonderful book will be available again soon<3

Ági Király’s Fermentor blog and her wonderful Ferment book will convince everyone of the usefulness and joy of home fermentation. There are several vinegar making recipes and the whole chemistry is explained if anyone is interested.

APPLE VINEGAR VINEGAR MINED FROM COMPOST Vinegar Recipe – simplified version:



Apple cores and peel
Boiled and cooled/cleaned water
1 tablespoon of sugar for every 5dl glass of water
1 teaspoon of water per 1 cup of apple juice
Muslin or other cloth and rubber for sealing
extra ingredients: elderflower/lime blossom/raspberry etc

Put the apple core and peel scraps you saved from the composter in the bottom of the clean jar. Measure out how many cups of water you need (I had 3). Accordingly, pour the sugar on top of the apples, pour the water over the top. Put the dense woven gauze/canvas material and gum on top and put it on the counter/fridge top in the kitchen in a light protected place where it is accessible for daily stirring (25-26 degrees Celsius is ideal).

#2. Fermentation

To prevent mould growth – stir the mixture at least once every day until the fruit sinks to the bottom of the juice. This will take about 1-2 weeks (depending on the batch size and the ideal environment.

Stir your mixture every day for about 1 week. It will always bubble a little and cover the apple pieces with water.

Then strain the apple pieces. Leave the strained fresh vinegar to clarify and acidify further for a couple of weeks with the stuff still on top. Your vinegar will clear up nicely and turn a translucent yellow during this time.

You can use the leftover collapsed apple pulp to make vinegar again (by adding vinegar and water). But feel free to put it in the COMPOT composter afterwards and it will decompose even faster (the important thing is to cover the soft apple pieces and use the composter lid and compot cap on top of the container

#3. Storage

Afterwards, store in airtight jars in a cooler and darker place/jar.

If our vinegar is exposed to oxygen for a long period of time, the bacteria still living in it will further oxidize the acetic acid into water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, store your vinegars in airtight containers and age them in a cool, dark place.

#4. Fruitfly trap

Apple cider vinegar attracts mushrooms so we can trap them and contain their spread in our indoor spaces. I recommend a straight-walled jar/glass for this purpose in which

mix apple cider vinegar with dishwashing liquid
Put it by the window or where the “little devils” are.
You can either put a piece of paper on top or fold it in like a funnel over a vinegar basin to make it harder for them to climb out of the bait


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