{Downloadable} Food-saving kitchen: 15 recipes from food waste and a weekly menu planner

Deal with your food waste on the spot – in your kitchen:)

Our kitchen is the heart of our home – and also the place to deal with our waste and also food waste and compost our compostable waste if you do not have an access to a garden.

Many of you ask, why to take care about biowaste is so important? Why is composting important in the city?

Well, we live in cities in growing numbers and this is only going to increase. And we produce more and more (food)waste, it is estimated that 1/3 of the total amount of food produced worldwide according to the FAO ends up as waste in the bin, much of which could still be consumed…and in the EU 54% of food waste is created in our own households. Not in agriculture(21%), not in restaurants(9%) in OUR KITCHENS. It has lot of cause why it happens in this way, our fast paced lifestyle and lot more is behind this. EU stat to read here  

As you’ve seen, food waste results in the loss, not only of the food itself but of all the resources that went into creating it such as land, water, labour, energy, fuel, packaging, etc. And when food waste goes to landfill it releases greenhouse gases (GHGs) – mainly methane, which is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Waste hierarchy

Recycling as much as possible is fantastic – but we need to start focusing on preventing the waste in the first place. Putting items in our recycling and general rubbish bins should be seen as the last resort.

Reducing this waste/prevention/not creating waste/ is therefore at the top of the inverted pyramid as the best option and at the bottom the least good option is disposal 

We can make the biggest impact on our waste reduction, if we don’t create it in the first place.

Quick tips to reduce household waste and download our guide for 15 Food waste saving recipes + weekly menu planner 

Quick tips> 

  • Know your fridge – check what needs using before it goes out of date
  • Create meal plans for a week to include items which need eating soonest – Visit Love Food Hate Waste for ideas on how to store food correctly so it lasts longer or search for recipes to help you meal plan and use your left overs
  • Make and stick to a shopping list when you shop
  • Try buying loose vegetables and fruit
  • Food waste saving recipies / in the guide 15 recipies/
  • Compost your problems:)


{Downloadable} 15 Food waste saving recipes + weekly menu planner

With this downloadable material, I want to inspire you to celebrate leftovers and all part of your food and start creating a food waste saving kitchen.

You can find it in the downloadable:

  • 15 delicious waste-saving recipes just waiting for you to try!
  • Printable menu planner to track your food-saving cooking! 
  • 30-day-challenge printable sheet with waste-saving recipes and tips to get you started on the way for composting

Please use the downloadable resources. 30 days as a challenge, a lifestyle test – get inspired, try it, be open!